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How to do this one to many relationship


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Can someone please help me get my head around this relationship and

clue me in on how to set it up?

I have three databases


Laboritems.fp5 (labor line items) fields: task, description, labor rate and time.

Materials.fp5 (Material line items) fields: description, quantity, price, extension.

The "Jobs" database contains portals of the "Laboritems" and "Materials" databases.

What I'm wanting to do is to enter a task in the "Laboritems" portal, then if theres a material, or several material used for that task, enter them in the materials description field in the "Materials" portal and have it automatically be related to the task from the "Laboritems" database.

Since there may be multiple materials related to a single task I'm hoping to also be able to click on on any task record in the "Laboritems" database portal and only show the related material records in the "Materials" database portal.

Hope this makes sense, kind of hard to explain.


Thanks if you decide to jump in and help!

It will be very appreciated,

I've been trying to figure this out for days, or should I say daze...


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Open Laboritems and create a relationship with Materials.

Assuming you have many Laboritems per Job, and (occasionally) some Materials per Laboritem, you'll probably want to create calc fields in Laboritems and Materials, combining Task and Item, in order to create the proper relationship.

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Dan, thanks for your response.

I have my relationship between the Laboritems and materials databases.

The way I'm currently trying things:

When I enter a record into the Laboritems

DB portal an auto enter Record ID number is created. When I enter a material in my

Materials DB portal it does a lookup and gets

the Record ID number from the Laboritems


What's killing me is the Record ID number that is looked up for the material record is always the number in the first Laboritems record. If I''ve just selected the second record in my Laboritems portal how can I get the next Materials record I'm creating in my materials portal to know to relate to that second record?

Second , when I select a record in a portal row to my Laboritems DB, how can I have the materials portal only show the records related to that single Laboritems record. Being that I'm in my Jobs DB when doing all of this I'm

not sure how to make it all work.

I hope this is clear. Thanks for your time


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This topic is 8197 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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