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Lookup code from another file


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I'm relativley new. problem I have is I'm in my main file and the user clicks "Find Diagnosis Code" this opens my Diagnosis Code Database, they then search the part of the body and injury and can find the appropriate code in the 2nd database (Example: Shoulder injury, Code = SH1)

My description (Should Injury) is in one field and the Code (SH1) in another. At the moment we are just remebering the code, going back to the Main database and typing it in. Is there a way I could just click the code in my Diagnosis Code database and have it appear in the correct field in my main database.

Only problem is we have a few main files and they all use the one Diagnosis Code database. So if I was to just open the Diagnosis code database there would be no way to copy and paste the code back to the main file because it wouldn't know which main file was accessing the Diagnosis Code database. Maybe if I gave each main file its own Diagnosis Code Database, only problem is it is running on a network and this might get too confusing.

Hope that wasn't too confusing.


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This topic is 5710 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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