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Portal Display problems


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It seems it's my week for show-and-tell. I decided to put the post here in portals in case anyone else ran into the situation. Portal data is date/time fields.

Photo 1: As you see it displays incorrectly although the data is correct and it is a date field.

Photo 2: Clicking into field fixes it.

Photo 3: And it STAYS fixed until I minimize the FM application window. Upon opening FM again, the fields have revered back to wonky.

I have tried Refresh Window [flush cache join results], switching to Preview, even retyping the data in the fields. They continue to break. I have tried 'Leave as Entered, display as date to no effect). I have also duplicated it in a test file. Oh. And I reindexed the field. The fields and portal are correct - this is the only table occurence.

If I select all the fields and Arrange > Send To Back, they fix themselves and stay fixed because there is nothing wrong with the fields or data - it is a display rendering issue with XP (and only some graphics cards, I think). In truth, I'm having so many problems with 8.0v2 that I have decided to put us back to 8.0v1 (see topic called Moving Phone). Simply, there is nothing on my layouts that remain in place or don't wonk out (partially disappear, dance around, slide sideways or, as in this case mis-interpret what to display).

I'm really not a whiner; nor one who screams BUG every time I don't understand something. And if I'm wrong please correct me. I'm seriously considering reverting to 8.01v until FM figures it out because my design has been brought to a crawl because of the constant repairs I have to apply. But if others know about this, someone might be saved some investigation time.

LaRetta :wink2:




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This topic is 5691 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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