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task manager relationship question

Steven Cappiello

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I'd like to build a task manager that does the following:

1. shows my pending "tasks"

2. sorts them by date due

3. doesn't show them if they're marked "complete"

4. allows me to set some tasks to expire if they're not done by their due date, and some to "stick" so that they will continue to show even if I don't finish them.

I think I can handle 1-3 but I'm not sure how to approach #4. Could someone help me to conceptualize how to approach #4 ?

I'm thinking perhaps the task could have a calculation.... so that if a field named "display until complete or deactivated" was checked, then a calculated field "display this ?" could return "yes" or "no" depending on

1. the date

2. whether the task is complete or deactivated

3. whether the "show until complete or deactivated" box is checked

I think I'm on the right track.. could anyone comment ??

If anyone can mention anything else I should be thinking about while starting to think about a task manager project, please let me know.

(this is actually something I hope to build to help me manage my own tasks.. and hope to build in a way for my manager to look at/ add to / comment on / (or subtract from) my set of tasks)

I guess some typical features I could think of are.. a priority level.. so that I can have filemaker change the text style and how it sorts in the portal based on that priority.

If you have any feature suggestions, please give a shout.

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Hi, I have a very simple project-task management for my own projects, what I do is have a "complete" check box and a task delete button. Completed tasks will show up on the individual project task portal, but will not show on the general overdue tasks, table view layout.

I have a script that deletes all completed tasks if needed, and a days overdue field, I also have a starting date and a due date of tasks and and a field that displays the word "active" when the present date is within this range.

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This topic is 5748 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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