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Capturing Font Styles


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I am constantly trying to find a webding or wingding to use (and sometimes other fonts). I have been using them for graphics (they are very resource-efficient). I want the results of each key-combination viewable on one layout (or each font on a separate layout) telling me the key-combination of each. Once I select a font picture, I want to be able to apply colors to it. I already have a ColorCode demo (of Comment's) in place. I would like to also be able to change the size but I'm not greedy (smile).

Once I determined the font, color and maybe size, I want to click a button and capture this formatting. The question is of course how to then transfer the results. I need this process when: 1) in field definitions (so results as a calculation would be incredible), 2) layout mode (I assume I'm out of luck here) but it would still be very helpful just to view the code itself. I would like it to tell me something like:


(key combination) ... either Cap[K] or K etc


RBG value

Hex value

I've been considering many things. I'm unsure how much to script; whether setting just one field with Set Field[] and various calculations; use records or fields or repetitions!? Ideas on how to approach this task would be greatly appreciated. If I can get a jump-start then I will work hard to make it so. I believe it will be a great time-saver to pull into my Developer file. :wink2:


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This topic is 5734 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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