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Hello Everyone,

Don't know if this is where this topic should go, but here it is. I'm trying to figure out a solution to adding steps in an operation on the fly. I'll set it up as best as possible.

I work for a job shop company that builds per customer specs. It can be very complicated with hundreds of pieces with numerous operations to complete. I'm trying to create a database that will allow our engineers to simply add an operation in any order needed to complete the job. Like a "click and drag" operation. An option to later add an operation "on the fly" would also be important in case something was missed.

I have three tables. Job Table, Operation Table, and Raw Material Table. Each Job can have many Operations, and many Raw Materials to each Operation. I've figured out a way to link each raw material entry to an operation and then to a job, but I've been forcing it to work. Is there a way to add and delete line items in an efficient way so each record doesn't have be modified. I've set up a portal to see the list as it is built and thought about just using the "create record through portal" option, but this doesn't allow easy editing(that I'm aware of). Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(I've seen this set up on numerous market software programs for construction projects. I've been trying to base my database off that but taylored for our unique operations.)

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This topic is 5723 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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