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SinglesTable - Champagne Room


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Welcome to the Champagne Room.

While you are waiting for a seat at the Singles Table, please remember the following:

The Champagne Room (CR) is an afterhours thread where all are welcome to come unwind and flirt with something new at the Singles Table. Here, we do not care about such mundane issues as practicality and establishment standards, These issues are gladly welcomed on This Thread, but will be considered a bit gauche here. Eyes will be rolled. The CR is reserved exclusively to play with the powerful potential of a single table data file, and for the fun at trying something new.


-Single calc data spirals to access all remote relationships (see dCalc1)

-Rapid calculations (guarantee not valid in certain areas)

-Preview all calc text from browse mode (you will have to click on the number calcs)

-Elegant stable core structure promotes easy readablity of refresh/update issues

-Detachable and reusable structure.

-Easily adapted to rapid normalization

House Rules

-No data outside of Data Table

-New Data Table Occurrences may only be added to the Data Table Occurrence, and must not be redundant in type (could not add another parent child relationship; but could add a conditional etc).

-ALL calcs evaluate from context of Data Table Occurrence

-ALL new data fields must be created and assigned through Define Fields layout first. Copy the define field list and paste to text document before entering FM define fields.




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This topic is 5729 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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