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Help with Excel Export


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I am using FM8 pro and I have created a report layout that works perfectly. It is made by only showing the summary fields for each postal code to essential add up sales figures by postal codes. The report works fine and the pdf export is perfect, exactly whatever you see on screen.

The probelm is that I want to export this data to excel, but when I use the export to excel feature, it exports all of the data each record and not just the summary fields as I have on the report, it infact exports every record with the same numbers as they are summary fields.

Is there a way to do this or is there some sort of third party app that can have the report printed as a comma delim or csv file? I am using a mac. Any help would be greatly appreciated as Filemaker wants to charge me for support to tell me that it can't be done.

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See the help file for "Exporting data from FileMaker Pro", step 8 explains Grouped data (at least in Version 7 it does).

As you can see from the example below (actual exported data) exporting from the preview of a report I am able to get summarized data. FFFCompany data = values shown on report picture - SumExport.gif.

Data returned:

AAACompany 9 60

BBBCompany 304.12 7603.2

CCCCompany 200.16 2469.6

DDDCompany 121.99 2747.22

EEECompany 43.35 7185.72

FFFCompany 114.88 1635.85


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Actually I do know about doing it that way. My problem is that the export always includes the repeated data even though they are a summary, I am trying to export the grand total and sub total's form the layout, not the summary data from the layout.

Sorry for not being clear, here are some pictures to help explain a bit. I would like the data to be exactly like what the report layout shows instead it is the complete find and not the actual screen data.



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This topic is 5722 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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