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Weird Container Quirk

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To begin with, I have a database that is stored on a server. There is a folder in that server which is storing PDF's.

I have a container field that is populated via a script with an "Insert Object" statement in it. When the user wants to populate the field, they press a button and it opens up the "Insert Object" window and the user then browses for the PDF they wish to insert, select the "Link" checkbox and that should do it.

When I tested this on my desktop machine and took the server out of the picture and worked with dummy records, everything works fine. Once the link to the PDF is made, I can view the PDF in my container field. But, (And here's my problem...)When I try to do the same thing on the actual server database, as soon as I select my file, press "Link" and hit "OK" in the Insert Object window, it freezes up the whole Program and kicks me out. Then, when I re-log back in, I can repeat that step and it works fine, but only for the one time. If I go to do another one, I have to repeat that whole process again (getting kicked out, re-logging in, etc.)

Because I can make it work on a file not held on the server, I would assume that my script is ok. That leads me to believe there is something relating to my server that is making this occur. Has anyone seen this before or have any solutions?

Much love...

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This topic is 5724 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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