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Who care the X ?

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Hi Librone

the purpose of this example file is to not allow the user to exit the form leaving those fields empty (that can generally be done by pressing the X ).

I wasn't try to make a contest !

BTW you can also use the command: REVERT RECORD...

(but all the commands about Record can easily be blocked with an appropriate use of PRIVILEGES)

Ciao Librone

questo file serviva a mostrare una nuova possibilità di blocco della X di chiusura, spesso usata male o per errore dall'utente finale.

Non era una gara !

Comunque si può uscire anche usando il REVERT RECORDS... ma tutti i comandi del menu Record sono disabilitabili usando appropriatamente i privilegi ! :D

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HI Daniele

in your example it was written:

"You can't exit this form leaving these fields empty !

Neither by closing FileMaker !!

(P.S.:D someone said that he can ! ) ;-)"

Also a beginner can!

I Close it, I don’t kill Filemaker

and I don’t use command REVERT RECORDS...

it seems me your example is truly useless.

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