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finding values from a valuelist and displaying only those records


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Im working on a contact management system, where once a person is entered, one of the options is to select one of four values from a value list. (First, second, third, and fourth). The field name is simply "quarter".

The problem Im having is how to search for these records. For example Jane Doe is going to ref in the first period. Im want to send out a reminder letter to Jane to show we have her down for that time. The letter isnt the problem, its getting only her letter to print out. Currently if there are 5 different referee's in the database 5 letters will print out for each one of them. Im just trying to single this down to one person. Any help would be appreciated. Im a total newbie at this, so please be gentle. :P What kind of script should I be trying to run?

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In FileMaker 6 and previous versions, you can restore whether you are printing the current or records being browsed option in the Print dialog using the Print Setup script step. Start by manually printing a letter and then create a script with the Print Setup [Restore] step in it. This will restore the last Print Setup and Print settings you printed with and allow you to just print the current record or letter.

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What version are you using?

I know that in Filemaker Pro 8...

In the Script Step for Print (Specify...), you can choose whether to print "Record being browsed" or "Current Record" of which you want the second one.

I'm not sure about earlier versions.

If you are viewing the record for that individual, you can run a script like this:

Show all records

Omit record

Show omitted records only


I'm not sure if that's the cleanest way to do it, but it works!


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Im using Fm6.

I think the problem that im having is within the script itself. Heres an example of what im trying to accomplish.

(ie.. When I entered Jane Doe into the DB, I selected her via radio button (quarter field) to be the ref for the first quarter of a game. John Doe was also selected for the first quarter and so on. So say there are 10 referee's in the database, only two (Jane and John) are selected to ref in the first quarter. What im trying to do is figure out a script that would allow me to pick up only those people selected for a particular quarter, and then print out a notification letter. In this case it would be the first quarter. Once I have the functionality down, I can duplicate the rest. I have the letter, but when I run anything I pick up everyone in the database. I just want to be able to select a button from a menu perse' and print out those assigned to specific quarters.

Does this make any sense. Everything I have tried yields all the records in the database.

Thanks again


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You want to perform a find on the Quarter field. The script might look like this:

Set Error Capture [On]

Go to Layout ["FindQuarter"]

Enter Find Mode [Pause]

Perform Find []

If [status(CurrentError) = 401]

Show Message ["No records found!"]

Show All Records


Go to Layout ["PrintLetter"]

Print Setup [Restore, No dialog]

Print [No dialog]

End If

Go to Layout ["DisplayPeople"]

This script will take you to a find layout showing the Quarter field and pause in find mode. The user can select the Quarter they want, click Continue and the records will be displayed and will be printed. If no records are found, a message will be displayed.

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This topic is 5685 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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