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Sorting and CONSTRAIN Searching Blanks


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here is my problem. I have 2 portals 1 which has a YES criteria which shows positive things and a NO portal which shows negative things.

I do not want to do a specific search on positive values but I want to search only on negative values and return the omiited...so for example if one record said this:








If I wanted to find values for CANADA the above wouldn't be shown since it is defined in the NO. However if I did a search for Germany the above would be returned in the search since it has not be specifically defined in the NO and so is a possible record.

This is a easy search to do since I simply do a search in the NO portal for the value and then use the function to return the omitted.

Sort Prob 1


However I would like to sort these returns in order of those that were defined and those that weren't defined...So searching for Germany the above example would be returned lower than a record with Germany defined in the YES portal.

Constrain Prob 2


If I do a search and get a returned set how can I do a constrained search on this as using the SHOW OMITTED will show values that weren't in first search.

For example

Record 1

Record 2

Record 3

Record 4

Say I have done a search and returned

Record 1

Record 4

If I do a constrained search on this set and I use the show omitted it will return Record 1 and 4 which I don't want.

How can I do this? Any help please?

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This topic is 5675 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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