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Portal Found Set with Portal Paging [Beta-Dev 7]

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Solution / : Portal Found Set with Portal Paging

Description: Proof of Concept only !

Working Under: 8 Advanced

Solution Status: Beta


Author(s): Ohgo_Ohgo

Date: 05/21/06

Credits: To all the people who take time to put ideas and information about FMP on the web!

Instructions / Other Info: Any refinements welcome


FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these files are fit for any particular purpose. Do not post or distribute files without written approval from the copyright owner. All files are deemed public domain unless otherwise indictated. Please backup every file that you intend to modify.


[color:orange]If I would have known this was posted, I would have removed it long ago.


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( I can not edit my old post any more ? so I post new ! )

I have improved the sample file now with a new

Custom Function GetPage ( Field ; Page ; Rows ; counter )

Portal now has full navigation buttons + - 1. and last Page

select record from portal with HighLite

very easy to implement in any solution only one script and a few fields in Your tables only numer of Portal Rows to change.

Credits to Cobalt Sky for the original idea for portal with found set

and to BrianDunning.com for the sample Data

Version 2.2 fixed sorting in portal, fixed omit script


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V2.2 uploaded
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