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Using data from 1 Portal to filter data in a 2nd portal help Requested


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Hi I have become stumped and believe me I tried hard to find a result but to novail.

I'm doing a search and getting a result in one portal that I managed to do, but I then want to use that data, The result can be one reference number or several numbers (In one portal line) I wish to use that data on the one postal line to filter another table so it will display only the results based on the other portal line.

This does not sould very clear so I have included A image and hopefull what make it totally clears as to what I'm doing a zip file and the 3x .fp7 files I'm working on, well a cut down version of them. hopefully making it clear what I'm trying to accomplish.

I figure I will need to make a script so when someone clicks on the portal row it uses that line of data to seach a second table but not sure how to accomplish this.

(I know how to make a script its the content that eluding me)

Its probally so simlpe and I been looking for a complex answer but hopefully someone will have been there done that and can help.

Appricate anyone that might alter my file or point me in the right direction please.


You can downlaod the files here:


thanks in advance


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You should post your files here.

The Forum has the ability to attach files your posts. Menu >> Help >> Frequently Asked Questions >> Posting Messages >> Can I attach files to my post?

Posting a file to another site adds steps to the process of seeing your file.


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It might keep all the files together but it does not add a step to the process of downloading or seeing my attachment. Maybe your doing something wrong.

As I tried clicking my attachment and it downlaoded it straight to my hardrive without any other button press using Firefox and IE it asks for a place to put it first.

And it has the added advantage of saving on Fm Forums bandwith.

So can't see your point.

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This topic is 5672 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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