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Joe Fab

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Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ok. I am having some trouble with my script. This is what I am trying to accomplish.

I receive an excel file that contains a list of UPCs. I will then import this list into the database, UPC.fp7. If the upc imported matches the upc in my image database, images.fp7, the "match field" will return a "1" if the upc is a match and "0" if there is no match. I then want to take all of the found "matches" and export the field contents to 1 folder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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The basic fact is that a "Import Matching", with "Add remaining records" produces a found set of both the matched and the new records. If you want to distinguish ONLY the matched, then you can either do something with a creation and modification Timestamp fields.*

Or you can do 2 imports, the 1st without the "Add remaining records", and the 2nd with it. That way your first Import is only the matched records. Export the UPCs. Then Import again, with matching and "Add remaining".

I don't really see the need for the whole UPC file, as this all happens in the Image file (or its alias in the other file). If you really want to save the matched UPCs, you could also import them into the UPC table. But since you've already exported them to a file, why bother? Unless you really want to separate the data from the images.

*This would allow you to do it with only 1 Import, with "Add remaining." Then Find the matches using timestamps ranges. Because the creation Timestamp of the new records is going to be significantly later than earlier records. The "matched" records would have a fairly current modification timestamp, but an older creation timestamp. You'd have to establish approx. what the range of seconds would be, to separate imported records from earlier data entry.


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Thanks for the input. I do not need to save the imported upcs. I just need to know what records have been found-the matching ones. So here is my thought process.

I receive the excel file and import only the upc field into the database. When or after importing the upcs a script will run comparing the upc in the image database to the upc recently imported. If there is a match a 1 will be entered in the match field, if no match then a 0. Next, the found records will be exported to a specific job folder and the upcs that are missing will be added to a missing items list. Finally, the upcs imported will be deleted. The whole theory behind this is to have the most current images available for production. Hopefully this will clarify my delima.

Thanks again

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This topic is 5669 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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