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Table Occurance vs Find for Portals


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(This is my first post, so please feel free to give me general advice on how to improve my postings)

Table Occurance vs Find for Portals

I am having trouble figuring out the best way to filter data. I would like to list the records that meet multiple requirements.




ACTIVE = TRUE (or 1 or whatever)


and so on.

I would like to enter the requirements on the fly, so if I want to change the start date to last monthI will get a list and then be able to change it and get 2 months earlier.

Right now I am using a portal, but setting up the table occurances (TO) is killing me.

I currently use the original "Table" for the Layout Setup and then use another TO for the portal.

I could see using a "Find" instead and just setting up a script to copy the layout values to the find, paste them, do find, and then look at the results. Right now I am sticking with the TO solution, but it isnt working.

Any advice?

(Please let me know if there is any additional information that would be helpful.)

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thanks for asking the question about the global fields, i forgot to mention that.

I am using global fields where the restrictions are entered.


I guess I am looking for general advice on which would be the best choice. I was not sure if I was trying to force Filemaker to do something it was not meant to do.

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I wish I were more familiar with Filemaker to make a better example, but this is the file itself.

The application I am creating is sort of like an event log.

The area with the problem is the "Events_Reports" Layout ("Reports" button) > "ReportsEvent" Tab.

I am having trouble setting up the table occurance right now. The only function that works is to show the events from a select category (self business friends ... etc). I am trying to add the Date restriction (which you may see from the relationships window) as well, but it is not working.

I did my best to label things clearly and use the standard conventions, but I am sure there have to be things that are confusing.

Any feedback you give is very very welcome.


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Holy cow it is crazy to see something created so quickly. Thank you for giving that example, it makes the problem so much clearer.

I am going to try out a solution using your example now.

I really appreciate your guidance btw, I've been working on this for a few hours now. Plus gone through books and looked online. I think it is a "understanding concept" thing.

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Thanks to your example, I understood the concepts better and was able to figure it out.

As a measure of thanks, I will make a donation to "FMForums.com"

I dont know of any other place that has such a huge filemaker following that is willing to help.

Hopefully i'll also be able to contribute at some point.

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This topic is 5665 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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