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Clear entire repeating field quickly, FM8

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Is there a way to quickly clear an entire global repeating field that does not require each repetition to be deleted?

I am currently implementing a set of back/forward buttons in a database using a global repeating field of an arbitrarily large size. Since these type of buttons act as a stack, I tried to implement the functionality as one would normally use via an array (i.e each new page visit yields a push on the back stack, clicking back pops the value off back and pushes in onto the forward stack). Since FM8 supports accessing individual elements of a repeating field dynamically (I have done this in previous versions of Filemaker via string operations), using a repeating field seemed like the most 'natural' solution. However, I want to clear the global repeating fields upon file exit (or open) without having to loop through each element. Moreover, when ever a new page is visited the forward stack needs to be cleared. Currently, I can avoid having to clear the entire stack by creating another global variable to essentially act as a pointer to the location of the proper index to access. However, I do not want additional data being stored in global variables where not necessary. (In a quick test I did, storing a floating point number in each of the maximum possible 32000 repetitions resulted in about a megabyte of storage.)

So, how can I clear a repeating field quickly?

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This topic is 5658 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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