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Export multiple tables to 1 file

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Would like your thoughts on how to solve this problem ->


Export data from 7 tables to 1 file and then import data from that 1 file to the 7 tables in a different runtime solution

My solution:

Example 1

a) Create a file with the 7 tables and include it with the runtime (file A)

: export data from the 7 tables to separate fp7 files

c) create a copy of "file A"

d) open the copy from within the runtime, then importing the data from the 7 files to "file Acopy"

d) at last closing down "file Acopy" and returning to the main file in the runtime solution

(of cource all this done with a script)

Example 2

a) same as above

: create a copy of "file A" and then open "file Acopy"

c) import data from the seven tables in the runtime solution the "file Acopy" and the close down the file and return to the runtime

A problem with example 2 is probably that all records for the 7 tables will be imported (not only the found records)... or am I wrong?

Importing the data shouldn't be to hard but I find the export a bit tricky.

How would you solve this?

Best regards

/David Holmberg

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Runtimes only support the files that were included at the time of generation, so the "copy file" will most likely fail as you won't then be able to open the "copy file" in the runtime (as it wasn't declared as part of the solution).

However, if your runtime is generated with a separate file (effectively a mirror of the main solution) then you could use that as a storage area for data when you issue new files (main solution WITHOUT the mirror file) to your clients.

The only problem comes when you add new fields to the main solution, as you will have nowhere to store the new fields in the "mirror".

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IdealData>> thanks for your reply, you were right -> it didn't work.

I don't think your "mirror solution" suites my purposes though

More background info:

The Runtime is a training diary

The export/import file will contain training data and will be send from coach to athlete (and the other way) at least once a week

In my old solution I export data as .csv but that generates 7 different files (1/table) that has to be sent by email -> my clients find this "impossible to handle" (a lot of people are still afraid of computers).

I feel that the best solution would be to generate only 1 file and then automatically attach it to an email.

How do you people out there handle this ( I can't be alone with this "quest")

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This topic is 5659 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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