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Calculation Help.. Value list to Date


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this is probably simple for someone here, but I just inherited a FM db from another guy doing a volunteer position at church. We have a field that is "Stay Length" and we ask the member to tell us how long they will be staying here:

1-3 months

< 6 months

1 year

2-3 years



In the Db layout, these are presented as checkboxes (I guess radio buttons might be better to prevent multiple selections)

Now, what we want is to automatically calculate a ETD (estimated time of departure) from these values

Is there some way to use an IF-THEN type of statement to assign a numerical value to the string field and then add it to the date the date choice was made?

Newbies, don't ya love us?

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Try this



Stay Length = "1-3 months", Get (CurrentDate) + 90,

Stay Length = "<6 months", Get (CurrentDate) + 180,

Stay Length = "1 year", Get (CurrentDate) + 365,

Stay Length = "2-3 years", Get (CurrentDate) + 1000


As the other possible entries don't offer a clue when they will leave then they have been excluded from the calculation.

The value list would be better organised as a simple number of months options:








and then it is possible to use the selected value as the addition component, but that's a little more difficult.

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Okay, that partially works, but it returns a number and not a date, how do I manipulate that number into a date?

To clarify the other two choices, if it is UNDETERMINED, we use a temporary membership record for the time they are here, if they use other, then we would enter a value.

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This topic is 5649 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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