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Weekly calendar format


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I have a Meetings table with the days & times for various meetings:


CourseCode // e.g. 209ALG

DayOfWeek // "Sun" - "Sat"

StartTime // e.g. 9:30 pm


For a class that meets 3x a week, there would be 3 records:

209ALG, Mon, 9:30 PM, Lecture

209ALG, Wed, 9:30 PM,

209ALG, Fri, 7:00 PM, Lab

I would like to display the schedule for a meeting in a calendar format, with 7 columns labeled "Sun" through "Sat" and rows containing cells with the start time and notes in the appropriate columns.

(I don't know how to force a monospace font, or I'd supply an example - hopefully you can imagine what I want it to look like :-)

I began with a temporary table, "Weekly", containing 7 fields (Sun, Mon, ...). Each field has two repetitions, for Start Time and Notes. I tried looping through the Meetings table, creating a record in Weekly, but couldn't figure out how to "address" a second table from within a loop through the first table.

What sort of approach would be recommended to create such a report? The weekly calendar layout need not be interactive, just read-only.



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You need three tables for this: Calendar, Slots and Events.

Calendar has one record, and 7 fields (global or calculation), one for each DayName of week.

Slots has 2 fields - DayName and Time. You need to pre-generate a record for each possible slot. For example, to show 16 half-hour slots from 9:00 to 16:30, you need 7*16 = 112 records in the slots table.

Events is your Meetings table.

On the relationships graph, you need 7 table occurences of the Slots and Events tables each. The 7 TO's of Slots are linked to the Calendar table by DayName, each TO to a different day. The Events TO's are linked to the Slots TO's by DayName and Time.

On the Calendar layout, you place 7 portals - one to each TO of Slots. Place the fields you want to see from Events inside the portal.

Note that when Events conflict, only one will be displayed.

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Thanks, comment.

Your solution has the advantage of not requiring any scripting, and not using repeating fields (and other advantages, I'm sure :-)

Several things are problematic for me:

-- I want the calendar to only take up as much vertical space as necessary; for example:




(I shoulda posted an example, after all...)

-- There actually can be more than one meeting at the same time; e.g. a 5:00pm Men's meeting (upstairs) and a 5:00pm Women's meeting (downstairs).

-- Meetings do not necessarily begin on the hour or half-hour.

I didn't realize that the solution would be so complicated. At this point I can get reasonably close to what I need by creating a record in a Calendar table with 7 text fields, looping through a found set of Meetings and concatenating StartTime and Notes into the appropriate text field (Sun..Sat), and showing the record on a layout that displays the 7 text fields as columns laid out left to right. Far from ideal, but it may be enough.

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This topic is 5656 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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