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www.fmplugin.net www.youseful.com

Welcome to Select Printer version 3.0! The lastest and best edition of our

plugin ever! Why not use 2.6 or something similar as a verson number? Well

We COMPLETELY revamped our plugin! In order to accomadate FileMkaer 8 we had

to make some changes. Changes that as a whole is better!For example

. The version of the filemaker client is NOT required!

. The print step has been eliminated. use prn-print external function


The features that are part of this plugin

1) set the number of copies.

2) Set the orientation landscape or portrait

3) Choose whether to view the print dialog

4) New external function to retrieve list of printers!

5) Set Windows Default printer as well if you want

It also still incudes the legacy functions

1) prn-SetFMRuntimeName

2) prn-SetFMDefaultPrinter

3) prn-SetFMVersion

In case you do not want to switch over in all solutions!

Download demo file an Order at www.fmplugin.net

***All previous purchasers qualify for upgrade! Just email your previous




This works on a per printer basis. The properties set by the following

functions are

committied by this function to the specified prionter.

1) prn-SetOrientation

2) prn-SetCopies

a) resets the flags on what is supported

:) clears the flags as to the properties and their settings.



Pass a number that corresponds to a property. The return value states

whether or not is supported.

Possible Parameters



Return Values

0 - Supported

1 - UnSupported

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This topic is 5643 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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