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Find duplicate quest submission


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I have the following problem. I am trying to find duplicate records in my database. However, diferent from all the posts I have read where usually you want to find duplicates by a specific field like SSN or phone#, I have the following scenario.

I have an online survey where the respondent does not identify himself. All the fields I have are the Timestamp when the submission happened and each question a,b,c,d,e....y,z.

What I want is to find records that a person submitted twice, usually I identify that when all the answers are the same and the timestamp is really close together (a couple seconds apart).

So I need a script that finds duplicates for all the fields going from a to z.

If I try using "!" It seems that it finds all dups for a, all dups for b, all dups for c and so on. And that is not what I need. I need something that has an AND operator. So when all fields in the record are equal (a is ! AND b is ! AND c is ! ...) it means it is a duplicate record.

If anyone has any clues I would be really glad.

PS: I am using Filemaker 8 Advanced for Mac.



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This topic is 5643 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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