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cross-portal filtering?


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I have three table occurrences in my file:

PAT Patient (record of every patient, with a field patientID)

HCP Provider (record for each provider available including specialty area with a field called providerID)

HPT PatientProvider (one record for each provider assigned to a particular patient with patientID and provider ID assigned)

In the main patient entry layout, I have a portal based on a relationship between PAT and HPT using patient ID as the relationship. This shows which providers a patient has. It also allows creation of a record in the HPT TO every time another provider is selected for the patient (allow creation of new records is checked). The field in the portal is a popup defined by value list which shows all providers from the HCP TO. This popup list is pretty long.

My question to those more knowledgeable:

May I filter the providers list by specialty area so that the popup only shows those of a certain specialty? For example, I am entering a new patient who has two providers: a cardiologist and an allergist.

Is there a way to select, in a global field perhaps, the specialty, and have the popup list in the portal (the one defined by patient id) show only those in the specialty?

I know you can filter in a portal based on the specialty relationship, but that doesn't get me a new record in the HPT TO for that patient. Is there a script that could do that from a specialty defined portal? I need to create a new record in HPT and transfer the Patient ID and Provider ID.

I had been using a repeating field for providers, but wanted to

a) get away from using repeated fields (bad reputation that they have) and

:) allow patients to have as many providers as necessary.

Thanks for any assistance!

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My apologies for taking so long to thank you for your suggestions/file. I have been busy dissecting it and applying it. I'm frustrating myself as I have it all almost working, except for one popup not 'popping up' but I'll get there eventually!

Thanks again!

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Okay, my optimism has outstripped my ability, apparently. I rebuilt your file to make sure I understood, and it worked just fine. I applied the ideas to my database, and that one field (provider ID) just will not drop down. If I enter the ID info into the field, the provider name appears okay. I have checked, rechecked, reconfigured, put back, all to no avail.

Any idea what I did wrong? Thanks so much!

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This topic is 5602 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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