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relationship in portal


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Hello.I,m very new to this and on my 1st d/b.

I am trying to bring in to a portal situated in the main screen from an invoice table the invoice number and obviosly the customer name

i have created a relationship ---customer situated in main screen and customers in the invoice table.

Now comes the problem bit initially it seemed to work and brought in invoice numbers but they were all related to numbers long since deleted .

I deleted all these via a short script but end result is that nothing now is brought in

I have tried various combinations i.e invoice number to invoice number but to no avail

I,m obviously doing something that is inherently wrong

It is easy to bring in the numbers relating to the screen you are in tho


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Thanks I will look at that shortly.

One of my main concerns was related to the initial bringing in of records that had in earlier testing been deletd but thes actually showed up and im reasonably sure i did nothing else to any setting that one i had deleted thes via the small one line at a time scipt nothing else appeared

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I know after i had sent I went back and looked at it again only thing I can think of is I perhaps had the system initially set to look in the join table or something

Many thanks for you help ..its good to know I can get assistance as I attempt to get the D/B to operate.

I sometimes feel as if i,ve bittten off a bit more than i,m able to handle this will ultimately be a full blown business D/B for a company with 35 employees, 470+ customers, 2300 different parts and so on.


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This topic is 5598 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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