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relating by reference, but showing names!


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It's been a while since I used FM and I'm a bit rusty. I couldn't find this question in the forum anywhere, please help.

The database I'm creating stores training sessions (including fields; "session ref" a serial No, "session name")

Another database called trainers (including fields; "trainer ref" a serial No., "Trainer Name")

And another database called Trainers Sessions list (including "session ref" and "trainer name") which holds a list of all the trainers at every session.

Eg; Session Ref - Trainer Name.

1 - Cathrine Bell

1 - Simon Bowman

2 - Jason Horton

Shows that Cathrine and Simon were at session 1, and Jason was at Session 2.

When you add a new session you select which trainers were present in a portal which you do from a drop down list of all the trainers.

How can I make it so that if i change the name in "Trainers:Trainer Name" field, it automatically updates in "Trainers Sessions list:Trainer Name"?

Thanks for your help

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Instead of using "trainer name" in the Trainers Sessions list, why not use use "trainer ref" instead.

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because that means you have to select which trainers were present by their reference. And most users wouldnt know which trainer "1" was.

I could put in the pop-up menu a second field, but since it should be sorted by trainer the list might look like:

4 Jason Horton

1 Simon Bowman

3 Cathrine Bell

And that not only looks stupid, but also if it stores the Trainer Ref, it means if you want to know which trainers were present at a previous session, you could only see their ref, and would have to look-up who that ref is.

Is there any way a user can select by trainer name, and it store the trainer name, but auto-update if the trainer name is altered?

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This topic is 6159 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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