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Need help with portals and relationships please, example included *UPDATED*


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Hi there, as you will see in the attached example I have a database for a training company with layouts for Clients, Learners, Trainers, Courses etc. In the Client Layout there is a portal under the learners tab to show which learners have been employed by the current client. The same goes with the Learners Layout where there is a portal with the employment history of the learner. This works perfectly. Now I want to add the Courses the Learner attended in the same way. I tried to do it exactly as I did with the employment relationship, but it doesn't work. I would really appreciate it if somebody could check out my problem and tell me what it is I am doing wrong.

Thanks :P

May I add that this is my first database ever.I have no training whatsoever and I am basically figuring it all out as I go along, so I know I could be doing a lot of things wrong, thus any other comments/criticism on my project would also be appreciated.



Its almost working now, my only problem is that Filemaker wont allow me to enter values into the first row of the portal. If I add data in the record directly, In other words creating the first row in the portal, I can add second, third, etc. rows of data into the portal. What wrong? Why wont it let me enter data into the portal when there is no data yet? I hope I made myself clear.


Problem solved! Stupid me : Somehow I accidentally created an invisible portal that overlapped the other portal and mucked things up! I feel quite stupid now, but at least the problem is solved.

I would still appreciate some criticism on my project though.



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This topic is 5791 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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