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Return Characters Breaking Relationships

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Hey All,

I'm running into a repeated problem with my databases. Not enough to make them useless, but this is an important problem that does cause our otherwise VERY helpful inventory tracking databases to fail occasionally.

I have relationships set up for various reasons; I need these relationships to be good, based on user-input info in different fields.

What is causing a problem is occasionally a user will hit "return" when entering sensitive text-based information. This invisible problem causes all the relationships to break that point at that record.

I know I can flip over to automatic entry key fields (such as a unique, numeric, unmodifiable recordid) to avoid this entirely, but for various reasons that is not attractive (though it is a last resort, if necessary)

What I would LOVE to know, is this: is there any way to search for return characters in text fields (as part of a cleanup script, perhaps), and/or to set a validation for data entry that would catch and prevent return characters from being entered?

Thanks in advance

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This topic is 5784 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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