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Hello All

I Have a Problem. That is

Let Suppose I make a Table Student And Its Fields Are:



Now I am Entering Records Like

First Record

Mr A


Second Record

Mr B


Third Record

Mr C


The Problem is I want to check On Every New Entry Is This Name Already Exists or Not

If The Name Already Exists then Messege Comes Sorry The Record is Already Exists So it cant b Saved And If its New Entry then Save That Entry.


If i again enter Name


then msg comes Sorry Its already exists So its cant be save. Try with new name.

I am verythankfull to u

Waiting ur replies

Umar Farooq

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So Sweet

Thanks very Much I done as u say its work.

But I explain it again.

I am trying to creat a movie rental system. SO lets suppose 4 fields in one table.

Movie No.

Movie Title.

Issue Date.

Return Date.

And UNIQUE VALUE option check on both Movie No. & Movie Title. And I enters Data As u say Its Uniquly saved.

Now the problem is that When One movie (Movie No.2 And Title is "XYZ" Issued on 12-11-2006 And Return on 15-11-2006). So Date is Saved If I again Sent this movie on rent Then Because of Unique Value Is Check Its not accept This Title Or Movie No. Again So

How I Handle This Problem.

I want Sent this movie Again on RENT. Thanks

Plz Reply as soon as possible.

I am very Thankfull to u.


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This topic is 5788 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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