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Monthly totals report?


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I'm a newbie and thanks for you help. I need to make a report with the monthly totals of the records. All the records have a date and an amount that I need to group by month. I only need to see the monthly totals, for example...




I've tried to make a summary report it has a subsummary sorted by date part which i put the date field and the amount field into but it does not total by month. It shows like 20 Octobers followed by 25 novembers, etc;... please help.

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Greetings Nina,

You'll need a Month field to break by. I'd suggest either having a calc for the Year_Month, or two calcs, one for the Year, and one for the Month. This way you can summarize multiple year's data without having them run together. The fields might look like this:

DateYear (calculation, number result) = Year(Date)

DateMonthName (calculaiton, text result) = MonthName(Date)

Using MonthName is probably preferable because it shows the month name rather than just the number, but using the MonthName will require you to use a value list containing the twelve month names in order for the sort to be sorted by sequencial month rather than alphabetically.

With the two separate fields, you'll need to have a separate sub-summary part for each.

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Thank you for the help. I don't think I have those functions available in my version of Filemaker? I have version 8. DateYear and DateMonthName don't come up as available functions in the functions window. MonthName ( date )does come up.

Thx again

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This topic is 5782 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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