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Value List Dynamically created from Checkbox set

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I am coming from the world of MySQL & PHP and am a relative new-comer to FileMaker. The company I am now with uses FileMaker Pro 8.5.

I have searched the forum(s) for a solution to a problem I have regarding value-lists but can’t find one.

(Here’s my problem)

I have a Company Information layout page with the following fields:

“Company Name”, “Address”, “City”, “State”, “Phone”, etc…

I also have a Checkbox Set (defined as “Contact Type”) with the following choices available:






I have defined value lists according to these Contact Types. When a “check-box” is marked and the record has been committed (i.e., clicked out of the checkbox set), I would like to dynamically add the “Company Name” to a value list according to the category chosen. So, if a company was tagged as a Client, that company’s name will be added to a value list for Clients. Same scenario for those that have been tagged as Consultants and so on. These value lists will then be made available in “drop-down” fields within the same layout, according to their category.

I am having trouble figuring out how to dynamically add the company name to the correct value list once a check-box is marked. What calculation, if any, should I use to define each value-list? Will I have to create a script?

Currently all the fields are in one table. Should I create other tables? Should I create a new table occurrence with a relationship to the original?

In MySQL and PHP I would have just hard coded this into my PHP file. In FileMaker it looks to be a little more difficult to manipulate the fields/tables.

Any help or insight in this will be greatly appreciated.

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This topic is 5775 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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