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Sendmail Plugin Problem or FM RAM Setting Issue?


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Hello There,

I have a really strange problem, which is going to be long winded to explain so please bear with me...

First of all, I have just upgraded to Filemaker Server 8 (Running on Win2k3) and 5 x Filemaker 8.5 clients. The server only handles about 5 databases with only 2 having regular access.

1 x 8.5 client is used to perform getmail & sendmail duties (scripted on a 1 minute loop to check and send).

We run a call logging database which staff enter into manually and emails feed into using the Getmail plugin (from fusion).

Getmail checks for inbound messages, then using a series of scripts and relations I match the inbound email domain to a customer contract. Global fields are used to transport the data and new records are created in my call DB if all conditions are met - this has worked perfectly for 6 months, my problems started when I introduced the Sendmail plugin...

When a new call is opened, a field is marked with a "1" indicating that an email needs to be sent. The same field is marked with a "1" when closing the call, triggering a second email to be sent. The send email script resets this field to "0" went each email has been sent. Simple.

My problem is that the FM 8.5 client that runs this checking and sending routine now randomly quits with no errors, leaving it very difficult to track the problem down. There are no script errors and not even a Windows or application error - it just closes!

My initial thoughts were maybe a plugin error, crashing Filemaker, so I contacted Fusion and they sent the latest plugin versions which made no difference.

My second thoughts were RAM/Cache related, so I have increased the 8.5 client cache size. The machine has bags of RAM 2GB.

I'm fairly confident that all my scripting is good because I have had this routine (Get & Send) running successfully for as long as 5 days with no problems. I have also had it quit within 10 minutes!!

You can see how this is difficult to track down?!

Anyone else had anything like this?

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

Best Regards


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Still having this problem, but tried & uncovered the following in the meantime:

I have been running the 8.5 client (responsible to getmail & sendmail) on a Windows 2003 Server (running an 8.5 client). After re-checking the Fusion website, it only lists Windows 95 - Windows XP Pro (FM 5 - 8) as compatible.

After performing a server restart, Windows has popped up with "Filemaker has encountered a problem and needs to close" error message for each instance that it crashed and closed previously.

After examining the error report, it shows that there has been a "faulting module in ntdll.dll".

Thinking now that this may be a incompatibility with W2k3 server, I moved the Getmail/Sendmail duties running in Filemaker 8.5 to an XP box.

It has just fallen over again on XP - here is a copy of the error report:

"Faulting application filemaker pro.exe, version, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.2180, fault address 0x00011629"

Just thought I would give an update if this rings a bell with anyone??



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This topic is 5771 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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