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Need help please...

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I'm a newbie and I'm having a problem and I hope someone can help.

I'm creating a database with basically a customer table and a table for all the contacts I will have with that customer.

The link is the customer ID field.

I want to be able to click on a button on the customer record and open a new contact record and prepopulate the customer # field from the customer record I was just on. I would then add my notes for that contact session and then upon enter automatically go back to the customer record.

I have a portal on the customer record that displays all the previous contacts and that is working fine. I just want this nice automated way of adding new contact activity.

I've tried lookups and was working on a script but I don't seem to be getting anywhere.

Can anyone help?


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You can validate the Notes field with a calculation. First, you must have an auto-entered Timestamp field, with the creation timestamp (you need this anyway to sort descending). A calculation could be:

Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) - TS_Created < 900

That gives 'em 15 minutes to finish writing the note. People who start writing and leave their cursor in the field are going to get a nasty surprise.

If, for some reason you want to only have this limit for certain people, but not you, you can put the validation in the record-level restrictions in specific Privilege Sets, in Accounts & Privileges.

Here's what my validiation options look like; uncheck Allow user to override.


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Edit: I adapted the New Note script into my current database, but it gives other users a message that reads "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action."

I provided permission for all users to execute this script, but I cannot figure out why it will not allow them to. Is there a step in this script that has some kind of script functionality that will disallow other users from using it?

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This topic is 6122 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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