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Simple Company Calendar - easiest way possible


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I've been looking over these calendar solutions, and am having a hell of a time wrapping my head around the sample files.

Basically, I am working on a welcome screen to the new database i'm building, and i would like to make some simple "today's events" and the next few days before and after. We don't need a whole calendar (there are lots of events, and very little space on the screen for a complete month, and we don't need that really)

Basically, i'm trying to get some help or find a sample database on how this would be done. I'm at a complete loss for how to create events and make them show up on a screen, possibly with arrays to store the data.

I know i'm being very very vague, but I have never done something this complex, or seen anything simple enough for me to completely follow what happens

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If you simply want to create a nice screen to display a number of events then you could go with a very simple solution...

[color:blue]Create a table "Events"... In this table store your event description in one filed and a date (Indexed) in another (time in a third is optional).

Next create an "Interface" or "Display" Table and have the following fields:

(Note these MUST be indexed, Global or both)

FromDate (Calculation) = Get (CurrentDate) - 1 <-- Or however many days back you wish to go.

ToDate (Calculation) = Get (CurrentDate) + 3 <-- Or again however many days foreward you wish to go.

Feel free to use a global Number field to vary the days for a more customizable solution.

Next go to the Relationships graph and create the following relationships:

Event::Date > Interface::FromDate

Event::Date < Interface::ToDate

and for goodness sakes sort the records in Events by thier Date.

Now you can either use a portal (or an unstored and rather hefty Calculation field in the Interface if you want to get fancy with your text formatting) to display all the events (however few or many there are) in the layout of your choice. That's about as easy as you're going to get.

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This topic is 5714 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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