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record in use problem


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Every now and then I have users reporting that they cannot modify a certain record in a table because some other user is modifying it. However that user is not in the same record at all.

The layout in which this is happening pulls information from a table that has only one record, and all the fields are global ones. Depending on that one record the rest of the information on the layout is pulled from other tables.

I figured that since all fields are global a conflict where "someone elese is modifying this record" would not happen (unless two people are really trying to modify the exact same record).

Question is how do I find out what causes the conflict? The error displayed by FileMaker only mentions that the record is alreay in use and gives the name of the other user... is there any way of finding out more specifics? which field is causing the confilict, etc.

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The conflict can be caused by having the 'focus' active on a field in the single record in your related table. If you're changing the values of globals (via a script, for example) be sure to Commit Record, which will remove the focus and free the record to be modified by another user.

Also, you say the layout 'pulls' information from the table with the globals. How is this done? If it is done via lookups (for example), there would be no problem. If you're displaying related information, you can block the other user by editing a field...


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The thing is like this:

One MainTable with one record, all fields are globals.

The layout I'm talking about shows information from MainTable (in fact it shows only a few search fields and a drop down that allows a user to select a project) all the other fields, the main part of the layout, shows fields from another table.

When a user is modifying a record (ie a record and fields from the other table), no one else can modify some other record via that layout. Which means, i think, that the MainTable is causing the conflict... i don't understand why and what exactly causes the conflict though...

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This topic is 6111 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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