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Hi Guys,

Is ther a way, where I can turn off the Eventscript plugin should I need to for any particular reason?

I've also heard in the past that developers have had problems with this plugin triggering more than expected. Has this been resolved now (I haven't encountered this action personally as of yet, but then again I haven't tested my application fully)

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: Yes I thought someone would say that!

What I mean't to say was....

I have a field called quantity on my screen. When ever someone manually types in a value in that field and exits, it performs a script to the stock control backend using eventscript as a trigger.

I also have buttons beside the quantity field (plus and minus), which increment/decrement a value by 1 in the quantity field depending on which is pressed. The reason I have these buttons is because Im producing a touch screen system pos system (and want my users to use the keyboard as little a possible, obviously if someones bought an 100 items, I dont expect them to hit the plus button a 100 times).

If the user increments or decrements the quantity field using the buttons on the layout, this fires off a script attached to the button. At this point I want to deactivate any events being fired off..... as my buttons already done the necessary calculation to the stock.

Hope thats a better reason.....

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Although the use of plugin to adjust storage, not fully embrace relational approaches possible in filemaker - and merely are based on stubborn insisting on using habits found in other tools, could it be done with very little changes.

Such solutions could be stuff developed by others, and where the owner wouldn't pay for a new properly approached solution - we all get such fixing task! So what to do, is to turn the call of a plugin call from being a calc'field into fields validation, and build in dependency on the layout where field is resides - like:



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I use Dacons scriptfire but the symptoms are the same.

In the "auto enter" in field options where you place the code that will "Trigger" the script I used a case statement to the effect......

Case($$Trigger="Yes";do this;"")

Then, if you don't want the script to run when the user exits the field, write into your script "set variable $$Trigger="No". Then the script will not run when exiting the field. Just remember to reset $$Trigger to "Yes" or you scripts will never get Triggered.

Hope this Helps.



I'm sure you've noticed that when you use the "Ne Record Request" Your scripts are activated for every field that you have auto entered. Use the "set $$Trigger=No" before the New Record Request and it saves ALLOT!! of headaches.

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This topic is 5684 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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