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If you haven't seen the new site - go check it out!


Ah, the day is finally here! It's time for beta testing the new ISO FileMaker Magazine website. It's been a long time coming and I'm excited about the new features. I'm sure many have longed for a smoother experience here on this site. Over the previous year, I've been working on the site whenever I could find the time and this included some coding necessary for customization.

ISO FileMaker Magazine has been running off a battered, quite old, installation of a content management system called Postnuke http://www.postnuke.com . This new site is now running off the popular Drupal http://www.drupal.org CMS. I'm pleased with how things are going and it looks like the user experience will be much more enjoyable.

Some of the additional features for the site includes areas for news, templates and hosted blogs. If you're interested in writing about your own FileMaker experiences then please ask for a blogging account here on this site. It's free to have one and you can write anything you like (so long as it has something to do with FileMaker) whenever you wish - daily, weekly or even monthly.

As we move through this short beta period I'd like you to send your feedback by using the Editor feedback form. I'm always willing to hear what you have to say about this site and our services.

Here's to a great 2007!


Matt Petrowsky

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This topic is 5888 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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