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Difficult find Involving Summary Field(s)

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My database tracks attendance and enrollments where we have many schools in one program. Not unlike the relationship of schools to a district. Our students however transfer between these schools frequently. They can be in one school for one day then another for a month then another for a week and so forth. Each time a student enters a new school a new enrollment/attendance record is created. I track the total number of days the student is enrolled in each school and then on a summary report, I report the total number of days a student is enrolled in the program/(district). I need to separate and report on students who have been enrolled in our program for 90 days or more. There are many students who have multiple enrollments.

I have tried several methods but none seem to work. I've tried to do simple finds on the summary field but of course you can't do that. I've tried scripts with "set variables" and/or "set fields", with and without loops but nothing seems to work. I'm hoping that someone has come up with a way to search on Summary Fields.

I want to thank Soren Dyhr for his help and advice which I am using in a total redesign of my system. In this case separating enrollments and attendance and more but for now, it is what it is. Thanks in advance for any help.

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You could use a calculation field to sum the days over a relationship. If you have a Students table, it could be there, or it could be in Enrollments, using a selfjoin on StudentID.

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