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James Blachford

How do I filter popup menu results

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Thanks for reading my post.

I am building a CRM and Job management system. It is split ino four sparate dbase's.



Job Management

Purchase Orders

I have all the suppliers and customers in the Customers section. I have a field which is a radio button set so when the user adds a record they select if it is a prospect, customer or supplier.

I have successfully added the lookup field and pre-filled company detail fields in my purchase order database. I need to filter the companies on the popup menu of the company name popup field in the purchase order database to only show companies that have the radio button supplier selected.

Can anyone help or advise?



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You need to filter the value list for only suppliers. Set a global text field with the string "supplier". Create a relationship from this field to the type field (prospect, customer or supplier) and then create a value list based off that.

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hi Mr Vodka

Thanks for your reply, I'm not sure I get you correctly. My biggest problem is that the list of companies is matched with a company number value. And the value list shows data from only the second field which is the company name.

The databases are completely separate files.

Will this option still work?

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Yes to your first question. As long as a TO of the other file's table is on the relationships graph you can still make the relationship work rather easily.

As for your second question. There is no generic answer to whether one file or multiple files should be used. Depending on the amount of data, solution structure, business model, etc it could vary from solutions to solution. In your case, it seems that you could use one file.

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