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My Cookies have crumbled...

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I am trying to work out why a previously working soultion with cookies is now breaking.

Using MIE 4.51 and NN 4.76 on MacOS 9.0.4, MSIE 5 and NN 4.7 on Win98, and in all cases the cookies set correctly only if the "expires" parameter is set to quite a low figure like less than 44639 minutes (yes I tested it). When set to anything larger, NN looks like it is setting the cookie with a wrong expire date, but actually deletes it. MIE just skips making the cookie at all but deletes it if it's already there. The code to generate the cookie is [FMP-SETCOOKIE: BNname=Field:Name, EXPIRES=14400]

1440 (1 day) sets the cookie.

14400 (10 days) sets the cookie.

144000 (100 days) MSIE *deletes* the cookie!

In fact the maximum I can get to work is 44639 minutes.

Hmmm, it sounds like a server problem dunnit! since all browsers are acting the same. Cookies are working OK from the FMP Forum btw.

FMP 4.0v3 is running on an NT4 box... could that be it? I hope not because I know nuthin about NT.

Please don't say "use tokens." Tokens are great for carrying data between web pages in a single session, but are not persistent between sessions. (In fact this solution uses both tokens and cookies.) I want to store registration info like email address and username, which tokens cannot do.

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I just transferred the solution from the NT box *back* to a MacOS box and guess what... it works. The cookies expiry time is doing its thing flawlessly.

Does any NT ghru out there know what could be doing this? It seems to me that Web Companion is somehow screwing up the expire time string.


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This topic is 8591 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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