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Replicating FM's " New From Template" Behavior

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I am trying to script the same experience as FM's "Create a new file using a template" behavior. Specifically, this allows you to select a .fp7 file and forces the user to "Create a copy named", then automatically opens this user's copy without altering the original .fp7 file.

When attempting to replicate this behavior in scripts, I am only able to use a "Save a copy as" script step which is not as elegant as the former. It does not automaticly open the user's copy without asking them to check the box- and on top of that, I get into some scripting trouble to boot.

So far, the best I have been able to come up with is something like this (where my solution is named "db Template");)

If [Get (FileName) = "db Template"]

.. Save a Copy as [copy]

.. Close File [Current File]

End If

Perform Script ["Startup (not Template)"]

Of course, this doesn't open the file properly even if the user selects "Automaticaly open this file" during Save As...

Any ideas on a more elegant approach? I do not want my solution placed in the FM template folder if possible as I am trying to create a more stand-alone experience.

Thank you so much!

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A more elegant approach, I think, would be to have your solution accommodate all needs within the existing file/s structure, instead of requiring new files to be created periodically. Creating files should be left to the developer, and possibly to a sophisticated user (one that wouldn't need your hand-holding script).

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