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-token and '+'

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Any idea how to assign "+" to -token without it being parsed into a blank space?

The database I'm designing features a log-in screen where the user enters their institution (eg "University of Victoria") and password. The institution name is then passed throughout the database using tokens - a robust alternative to cookies.

However, unless "University+of+Victoria" appears in the -find request below, a "document contains no data" error occurs:

<A href="FMPro?-db=ProgramInformation&-lay=ProgInfoView&-format=coopdb_proginfo.html&-op=bw&instiname===[FMP-field: insti_input]&-max=10&-token.1=[FMP-field: insti_input]&-find">Program Information</A>

How do you tell FileMaker you *want* to pass on the "+" character???

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> Not clear why you are using a "+". Not sure that is what you mean.

For a -find request performed through a hyperlink (eg <A href="FMPro?-db=ProgramInformation&-lay=ProgInfoView&-format=coopdb_proginfo.html&instiname=[FMP-field: insti_input]&-find">Program Information</A> ), I receive a "document contains no data" error if the field value contains spaces.

If you replace the spaces with "+" characters in the field value, the -find request works. (The FileMaker Pro Developer user guide and CDML Reference feature such an example under "-lop".)

Using tokens, I wish to pass the institution name entered on the log-in page to subsequent pages. Because they also contain hyperlink -find requests, I wish to retain the "+" characters in the field value.

Any idea how to preserve the "+" character than without having -token parse it into a space? Perhaps a special character which must precede the "+"?

Meanwhile, the only solution I can think of is pasting a field value formatted with "+" characters into a global variable and referring back to it rather than a token.

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This topic is 8572 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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