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More than one value from a vlalue list in one field?

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Hallo all together,

I just cannot figure out, whether it is possible to insert several values from a value list into one field.

If there a many courses in value list and one pupil is enrolled in many of them, is there a way to choose more than one of those courses from the pop up list or the pop up menu.


Ralf from Uganda

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Yes using a checkbox formatted field does, however is there a violation of 1NF here which dictates "One fact per field" which means that strictly speaking should these choises be broken out in each their own related record, in a many - many structure.

This is classic database theory, but since you're on fm6 could you get some idea on how such matters could be dealt with under the filemaker version you have and earlier:


Well the files are made in .fp3 format, but attempt to open both in your version, and the conversion will take place.


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