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Copying data after find

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I have a a table (supplier Line Items) that show items from suppliers, a bit like a catalogue and i would like to select some, maybe even all of the items and be able to create a purchase order.

I can do a search and am able to find all the items I have selected (say 4 items out of 100), the next stage is to copy each item and paste into my purchase order line items table.

Would a loop script be the best way to go?

Does this make sense?? ha ha

Thanks as always in advance.


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You can do this with a loop script and the set field command.

Create a field that you can use to marked the fields you want to copy and your script wouls resemble this

Goto first record


goto next record(exit after last)

if(select = "X")

set field (the field to be copy and to the selected field.)

end loop

Hope this helps


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In my humble opinion isn't it really a looped matter, since the dealings with the either the scriptparameters or $variables, is a vaste of processing powers, when import beween tables in the same file is posible. I take it for granted that the table structure follows the established many2many associated with invoicing/ordering...

Further does this approach abide to my own rules, which strive to make any parameter or variable be narrow scoped in utilization as posible.



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