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Deleting a record deletes all linked records!

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New to this FM7 game but enjoying it - sort of!

Can anyone help?

I have developed a job management system for my design company. It has a 'customer' table with the client details in. From this layout we then create a Job Sheet (a new table) and from there we can create Print Entries (new table) and separate Time Entries (new table) for each job.

Each Job Sheet is given a unique serial number which is then copied (using copy and paste??!!) to each new Print Job, or Time Entry and used as the relationship. It works well, except for when it comes to deleting any separate elements of a job file. For example if we delete a print entry for a job it deletes EVERY record connected with the the job number including the original Job Sheet!!!

Hope this makes sesnse and someone can help?



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Check to see if the 'delete related record...' is checked in your relationships between the two table occurences. If you do not want the related records to be deleted, you must uncheck the option.

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