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Search Problem!

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I have a problem.

I'm developing a page,searching my filemaker database from the web.I have files called searchpage.html,resultspage.html,selectedfields.html and detailspage.html.So in the searchpage.html i have a search criteria.If i click search button according to the search criteria reasults are displayed in the resultspage.html.In that results page i'm displaying 5 fields( mind you not records) among 50 records of the database,suppose first name and last name.in the same resultspage.html i'm placing a button called "select".If i click that button the selectedfields.html page is displayed.So here is the problem.In that selectedfields.html page i'm placing all checkboxes to select the fields i wante to display.I mean i want to view only some fields among 50 fields in the databese.So i'm selecting some fields as for my wish.And then if i click "continue" link then in the detailspage.html the selected fields data should be displayed.So i'm having the problem only at the end i'e in the page selectedfields.html.How do i do selecting the checkboxes and displaying only selected fields data.

I hope u guys understand my question.

Anuone has the solution.Please send me.

Thanx in advance.


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As far as I know, there is no way to "flag" a list of records to select them for later viewing -- at least not through the web. (The technicalities that prevent this from happening are 1) only one record can be edited at a time through the web; and 2) it would be extremely difficult to implement for multiple users -- tracking who had flagged the various records.

People can only click on one record at a time.

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thanx for your reply Vaughan,

But can you explain me more clear,here i'm not editing records,or deleting records.I'm just searching.Is there any way to disply seleted fields only(dynamically) i mean selecting the checkboxes as i wrote in the previous mail.

If so please let me know.

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You can edit a field with the data from which checkboxes were checked. Then, when displaying the format page, I use CDML [FMP-IF:] statements to control what material is displayed according to the contents of the field that was edited. You could also use tokens, if you have fewer than 10 checkboxes and you aren't already using some tokens on that page.

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This topic is 8534 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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