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Full search functions in files with portals?

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I have one file "schools" and one file "teachers". As there are many teachers in one school, the school file is connected to the teachers file by the matching field "school name" and the teachers file is being displayed in the school file through a portal.

My question: I tried now in the school file the search for all "female" teachers. Therefore I typed the attribute "female" in the field in the teacher portal, but the search did not work. FM showed me all the teacher and even only for one school

So I tried the same search in the orginal teachers file (so not in the Portal in school file) and it worked.

So, isnt it possible to search in a portal two related files simultanously?

Ralf from Ugada ???

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Make the search in the "many" file of the relation, here is the found set then displayed in a layout where only the foreignkey is shown.

The Copy All Records script step, produces a pilcrow delimited list in your clipboard, which then need to be pasted into a global field in the "one" file, the global field should act as a primary key for a selfjoin.

What is left is to make a GTRR on this extra relation, and you have made a found set of record containing the data you searched for in the "many" file.

If you have a lot of time on your hand, study this:



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