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Correction: How to perform searches in a 1-to-m relationship?

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I have a simple database which consists of two objects: “schools” and “teachers”.

The schools (master file) are related to teachers (related file) through a 1-to-many relationship with the school name as match file. So there are many teachers in one school.

No I wanted to perform the following searches:

I wanted FM to display all teachers with the attribute “female” who work in schools with the attribute “southern region”.

On the other hand I wanted to see all schools with the attribute “sport facilities in the school yard” that have teachers with the attribute “part time employees”.

I thought that I was enough to put the teachers file as a portal in the schools file and to go to the search mode. But I did not succeed as the search has failed.

What can I do to perform such kinds of search?

Thank You

Ralf from Uganda


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