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Judy Brown

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I am currently setting up a StudentTeacherClasses database using FP.5.

Working with 5 files: StudentTeacherClassesRegistrationCourses.

In Student layout I have a Portal from Registration which shows the

Class ID & Teacher Name. I want to show Course ID & Course Name also, but

I am not able to figure out why I can't. I'm guessing it is in the relationship, I am stumped. Thanks for you help!

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You need to describe for us what a record denotes in "Registration", "Courses", and "Classes". I'm afraid we have no magic to understand what you are trying to do except your description. In database design, very little is really obvious.


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Sorry I did not mean to simplify this "nawing" problem. Sometimes I wish I had some Magic!! There is so much to learn about FMP. However, I am developing a "fond" bond with it. But it can sure frustrate a person.

OK Here I go. I am a newbe.

Classes.fp5 6 Fields

Class ID (auto enter serial), Course#, Teacher#, Meeting Time, Room#, Semester.

Portal from Reg

Teacher.fp5 6 Fields

Teacher ID (auto enter serial), Dept#, First N, Last N, Homeroom, Phone

Portal from Class

Course.fp5 4 Fields

Course ID

Dept #



Portal from Class (I think)

Registration.fp5 5 Fields





Teacher Name

Student.fp5 8 fields

Student ID (auto enter serial)

Last N

First N

address, etc

I added the two fields Course ID & Course Name

but I am having difficulty bringing this info into the portal (from Registrations) on students record.

I am looking forward to your communicaiton, however I must sign off soon so I will check back tomorrow.

smile.gif" border="0wink.gif" border="0smile.gif" border="0

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This topic is 7627 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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