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a script he,p! median

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Will someone help me with a script? Here is what i would like to do: (database attached)

a scipt tha will:

first - sort the field FUNDS in ascending order, then

second - sum the values on field PER PeRSON until i get the equal or first greater than the value in field MIDDLE

third - copy the value of the PERPERSON on a NEW FIELD from the date where i stopped.

i hope this explains something something. to make things clearer i did it manually and from the database attached i must get this value on the NEW FIELD = 2,629 (this because on doing second above i get- 286 (greater than 284) and so i stopped at 47 and the equivalent value is 2,629.09.



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thank you for helping out. but it did not work for me. i get a different value! thanks again.

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Attached is a file set that both calculates median properly (middle number if the number of items is odd and the average of the two middle numbers if the data set number is even) for subsummary items and exports summary data to a display file.


Dave McQueen


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