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Creating a designator/flag script

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Does anyone have any advice on how I could create scripts that do the following:

First, I want to be able to flag or designate certain data entries to appear in a portal placed in another report, while not displaying the "non-flagged" data entries. For example, I have a table that tracks illnesses of our clients. I have a portal in a report but I only want the portal to display specific illnesses, not each one entered.

Second, I want to have a message such as "Not Applicable" or "No Data Available" appear in a portal if there is no data for it in the database.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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Hopefully the attached file will help you out. I used this file previously to demonstrate how to filter portals. The file show a form with three portals. All three portals show information from the same related table but use a relationship to filter the items shown in each portal.

I also included a "No Data Available" calc which you can see on the last record.


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